America’s Choice: Cement the Oligarchy, or Burn it All Down

Let’s just accept the media narrative that Sen. Bernie Sanders has lost any chance at clinching the Democratic nomination.

Let’s also ignore this crazy notion that Sen. Ted Cruz has a chance of stopping Donald Trump’s momentum.

This leaves America with two options:

  1. Vote Clinton for President: She has a progressive history, worked closely with Pres. Obama and has a proven track record. However, she has also accepted 100s of millions of dollars from Wall Street throughout her years in politics and she is currently benefiting from Citizen’s United (a Supreme Court ruling that allowed corporations to make unlimited amount of political contributions). Therefore, for those who feel that America has morphed into an Oligarchy (system run exclusively by and for the wealthy), it is unlikely that a Pres. Clinton would do much to reverse that trend. This would ultimately cement America’s oligarchy in place.
  2. Vote Trump for President: He is a billionaire businessman with no political experience, KKK members for supporters and a plan to bar any and all Muslims from entering the USA. However, he is funding his own campaign and speaks forcefully against corporate influence in politics. He also speaks forcefully against women who have an abortion, Mexican immigrants and really women more broadly speaking. Most intellectual observers agree he would essentially destroy the American Empire.

The scary part is that the current anti-establishment fervour in America is undeniable, and while Sen. Sanders has capitalized on it, Hillary has been the embodiment of the establishment status quo—even going out of her way to embrace Pres. Obama strongly (which will likely hurt her in the Fall)…

So, when I’m watching this insane election for the rest of the year this will be my frame of reference: Is America going to cement their oligarchy or will they vote to burn it down?



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